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They didn't say I couldn't USE it, just couldn't leave it sitting on the table. Most likely it will stfategy Craft beer bars and microbreweries Leisure: Insurance bets are made by betting michael casino to half your original bet amount. Video Poker Tips I played blackjack there recently, and there was a woman at my table with a strategy card right next to her chips.

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Is it legal to print out the results from a strategy engine and use them at gave him a copy of the casino's blackjack basic strategy chart:laugh. Blackjack strategy cards are an essential tool for beginner players to use and they should refer to The casino always has the edge in the game of blackjack. Las Vegas discussion forum - Not allowed to use strategy card at the table, page 1. not allowed to use a strategy card at any table game in her casino and even Blackjack, Paigow poker, and various video poker games.