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Most coupons are limited to the even money bets such as blackjack, prntabl pass line in craps prinatbl the red and black or odd or even on the roulette table. The two problems I had translating a coupon to what it was actually worth to me were casino location time investment If the casino isn't close to the strip or downtown then it's probably not worth the drive for the average tourist. Others state that you could only use skagit valley casino washington state certain couplns of them per day. That means you must bring the entire book of coupons with you to the table and detach the coupon in front of the dealer you can place the coupon on the table but not the coupon book. Check out my Frugal Vegas post herewith tips on how to get Match play, how to get Free Play in Las Vegas, and strategies to maximize their returns.

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The most common type of gambling coupon is known as a Matchplay, which essentially is a bet made on your behalf by the casino. Matchplays can be used on . It's important that you read the fine print on the coupon. Most of the ones I used. For example, they frequently include "match plays", which let you make a $20 bet for only $ every casino in the U.S., and with a dizzying array of coupons for those casinos, too. Vegas4Locals has tons of coupons you can print for free. Match play coupons can be found in a number of promotional coupon books, including the American Casino Guide. Some may simply pass over them, given that.